Friday, March 11, 2011

Mo's Birthday Party!

Mark your calenders! Saturday March 12th. Mo's big birthday bash! Joining us for this celebration will be our friends from The Traffic Dance. There will be lots of great prizes and great people to chat with. Time out heard the ding ding man, have to catch him. False alarm he skipped my street, for now hopefully. I may have to hunt him down later lol. Sorry I forgot the double bonuses on Tuesday, lost a day and was busy making splashes for the party. To make it up to all of you I will turn the timer down to 6 seconds for the party and it will also be 6 second Saturday at The Dance. So be sure to come join us for the big celebration of Mo's 45th birthday. I want to say thanks to all the members that made their own splash pages about my big birthday bash at Traffic Lounge and The Traffic Dance. If you are not already a member here are the links.
Hope to see all of you there, bye for now.