Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Winners of the egg hunt

Here is a quick list of the winners of the egg hunt.
Top 10 winners $20 each.
Name      (ID)    eggs claimed
Cfsmithjr (149)        168
Speedster264 (164)    147
tigermuskie (204)      138
thara (497)            124
teoptions (438)        116
tomr21 (131)          114
starssufer (112)      112
cocochinel (539)      110
SamBurgess (127)      108
Awaking (388)          102
Random egg collectors $10
IngaOz (145)            1
scorpius (514)          10
If you are listed above. We need you paypal email
please enter it here:
Again thank you for making our first multisite
sticker event a huge success 244 people claimed at
least one sticker in the short 11 day event.  We
have more events planned for the year so get ready
for the fun to continue.

Thanks again everyone for such an awesome turn out for the egg hunt Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits both set some surfing records for those days. Keep up the great work everyone.

Monday, March 26, 2012

No Reservations Required

OK I know it's been awhile and I'm sorry but I have just been so busy lately and with nice weather being here that means it's time for spring cleaning, yard work, gardening, rock hunting and mushroom hunting. So this means I will be online less. But not to worry I still look in every few hours unless I go a long ways then its an all day thing. I've also been dabbling with making my own splash pages especially when I do a promo with another site. Let's just say I have a funny way of advertising LOL. But the main reason for this blog besides catching everyone up to speed is to let everyone know the Lounge has a new look. She looking pretty high class and she should because we have a lot of high class members. So I just wanted to let you know just because she is looking high class not to worry you don't need reservations to get in LOL. If you have any questions just skype me my skype ID is bartendermo, and if you like I can add you to our skype group only members of Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits are allowed in it. Trust me though that doesn't mean that all we talk about is Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits. We talk about all kinds of off the wall stuff and even set up upcoming promos with my sites in the group. Speaking of promos we have one coming up March 29th with Krazy Exchange so be sure to look for things to be getting Krazy at the Lounge. I also want to thank you all for voting for us at VS IT we are currently running in the top 5. So keep voting guys and thank you all for being such awesome members and making the lounge what it is today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The New Year is off and running

Yes we have made it through another year and I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for us all. And of course as one would expect I have started off behind again. I think it has something to do with that end of the year party and starting the new year off with a hangover. This year Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits teamed up and hosted an awesome party for all the members.  I came up with some crazy themes for each day of the party too. We even had the #1 traffic exchange Tezak Traffic Power as a guest for a day. We had a blast all week with a great group of TE's. I cant wait to see what next years party will bring.  Here is a list of the party winners for Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits.

Traffic Lounge Winners
Dec. 25th Christmas party with Boot Scootin Traffic winners
$5.00 winner member #213 Sam Burgess
1 month gold upgrade #434 Gatis Kazakevics
1000 credits member #436 Destiny McKinney
500 credits member #429 Jackie O
300 credits member #194 Karen Kuty
100 credits member#10 Stephen Whittle

Dec 26th party with Marijuana Hits winners
1 month upgrade winner #434 Gatis Kazakevics
1000 credits winner #5 Nancy Radlinger
500 credits #428 Jackie O
300 credits #10 Stephen Whittle

Dec. 27th winner Birthday Party winner
1 crazy cow hat winner Jackie O

Dec.28th winner Birthday Party winner
1 crazy cow hat winner Timothy Montoya.

Dec 29th  party with Hot Flash Hits and Tezak Traffic Power winners
$5 winner #429 Jackie O
1000 credits #434 Gatis Kazakevics
500 credits #10 Stephen Whittle
300 credits #248 Jolynn
100 credits #46 Patti Barr

Dec.30th party with PG Traffic winners
1 month gold upgrade #10 Stephen Whittle
1000 credits Gatis Kazakevics

Dec.31 party with Raven-Surf winners
1 month gold upgrade #10 Stephen Whittle

Jan.1st party with Chief Hits winners
1 month gold upgrade #253 Tom
1000 credits #10 Stephen Whittle

Holy Cow Hits Winners

Dec 25th Christmas Party winners

$5 winner member #1379 Gratis
1 month Upgrade winner member #1699 Karen Kuty
1000 credits winner member #1701 Stephen Whittle
500 credits winner member #1714 Yew Foong Kuen
300 credits winner member #1742 Jackie O
100 credits winner member #1741 Destiny Mckinney
Dec 26th party winners
1 month platinum upgrade #1379 Gatis Kazakevics
1000 credits #1742 Jackie O
500 credits #1164 Nancy Radlinger
300 credits #1735 Denise Hampton

Dec. 27th Birthday Party winner
1 crazy cow hat winner Jackie O

Dec.28th Birthday party winner
1 crazy cow hat winner Timothy Montoya.

Dec 29th party winners
$5 winner #1747 Sean Jennings
1000 credits #1701 Stephen Whittle
500 credits #1714 Yew Foong Kuen
300 credits #1699 Karen Kuty
100 credits #1697 James Holmes

Dec.30th party winners
1 Month platinum upgrade #1346 Colin Powel
1000 credits #1701 Stephen Whittle
500 Credits #1749 Jonathan Eshelman
300 credits #1379 Gatis Kazakevies
100 credits #1699 Karen kuty

Dec.31 party winner
1 month platinum upgrade #1701 Stephen Whittle

Jan 1st party winners
1 month platinum upgrade #1701 Styephen Whittle
1000 credits #1699 Karen Kuty

Thank you all for being great members. Here's to another great year.