Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcoming another pretty face

As many of you already know Annette R. has joined our Traffic Lounge team. Annette is from the land down under. I have been friends with Annette since I first joined the traffic exchange world. She is a great gal and always willing to help anyone if she can. That's 1 of the reasons I chose her besides her many other great qualities. We are like 2 peas in a pod when it comes to all our great qualities. All of us here at the lounge want nothing more then to give our members the best that we can give them in the traffic world. So be sure to stick around for all the great fun and exciting stuff still to come. I want members to feel at home like they are at their friendly neighborhood bar. Where everyone knows everyone and you know you can trust them. Here at the lounge we are not looking for 100k members trying to sell the next big scam. We are a community of friends who are all honest hard working people all striving for the same thing a happy retirement. Most of us all know each other from other traffic exchange chats, twitter, facebook, and any many other ways to be social on the Internet. Some of us have even met in person. So bring your friends to the lounge because we want to meet them after all your friends are our friends too.
The race to 500 is still going we are up to 325 members. The member that refers Member #350 will have 3 referrals added to their downline.
So let's all head for the lounge and party till the cows come home.

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