Friday, November 18, 2011

Loungers can party till the cows come home

I know I'm late blogging about it but I have been busy getting the barn cleaned up over at Holy Cow Hits. Then thanks to old man winter I have been battling with a cold this last week and today it is kicking my butt keeping me in bed. So while I'm stuck in bed I'm getting a lot of stuff caught up. With the Lounge now having a sister site I am definitely keeping busy. I have a big party planned this year for the Lounge's 2nd birthday. And of course the party will include our sister site Holy Cow Hits. In other Lounge news it's football season and my favorite pro team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. So every Sunday when the Steelers win Keep your eye out for tweets about winning specials at the Lounge for the rest of the day. Depending on the final score it can be extra bonus points or surfbar timer lowered for faster surfing. If your not a twitter fan I also announce on Facebook and in the Lounge's skype group. So be sure to be following bartendermo on Twitter or Facebook or skype me if you want to join the Lounge's skype group. You can even catch me in the Lounge's sister site Holy Cow Hits we have chat over there. Also be sure to join Mo on Wednesday nights at 11pm Eastern in the Lounge's webinar room.,webinarlounge
All the links you need to make sure you don't miss out on all the great stuff can be found over on the right side of blog. So come and hang out with all of us and have some fun.

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