Monday, March 26, 2012

No Reservations Required

OK I know it's been awhile and I'm sorry but I have just been so busy lately and with nice weather being here that means it's time for spring cleaning, yard work, gardening, rock hunting and mushroom hunting. So this means I will be online less. But not to worry I still look in every few hours unless I go a long ways then its an all day thing. I've also been dabbling with making my own splash pages especially when I do a promo with another site. Let's just say I have a funny way of advertising LOL. But the main reason for this blog besides catching everyone up to speed is to let everyone know the Lounge has a new look. She looking pretty high class and she should because we have a lot of high class members. So I just wanted to let you know just because she is looking high class not to worry you don't need reservations to get in LOL. If you have any questions just skype me my skype ID is bartendermo, and if you like I can add you to our skype group only members of Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits are allowed in it. Trust me though that doesn't mean that all we talk about is Traffic Lounge and Holy Cow Hits. We talk about all kinds of off the wall stuff and even set up upcoming promos with my sites in the group. Speaking of promos we have one coming up March 29th with Krazy Exchange so be sure to look for things to be getting Krazy at the Lounge. I also want to thank you all for voting for us at VS IT we are currently running in the top 5. So keep voting guys and thank you all for being such awesome members and making the lounge what it is today.


  1. Your site is lookin good! Keep up the great work... and lookin forward to what's next...

    1. Always a busy time of year, but when isn't when working online.
      Like the new face lift, can't wait to see what's next.

  2. Mo,

    Your are doing a real fine Job. I love watching you grow and seeing the moves your Making.

    keep it up the lounge is looking good if i do say so myself.

    James Dias

  3. Hi Mo,

    The Lounge is looking good! Now you'll have to keep the cows in the barn, lol. No more pole dancing for them. Looking forward to watch you will come up with next for The Lounge and those crazy splash pages. Happy rock and mushroom hunting!

  4. Holy Cow Mo, the Lounge is looking great Kiddo. Our hats off to ya. You are so far ahead of where you were this time last year that heads are popping. We may just do a MD 20 20 tonight at the Post in your honor.
    Deb and I salute you and your long term success!