Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lounge News

Just a little update for everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the new promotional splash pages added to the lounge for you guys to promote with. Next I've gone through the members list and all members that are inactive have had their sites put on hold until they become active again. This helps to insure quality traffic to our members that are active. I have noticed some of you have not assigned credits to your sites still. To assign credits to your sites click the blue arrow by account credits above where you list your sites in the members area. With all the flooding in my area right now looks like July 4th camping trip is canceled so I think I will have some kind of party going at the lounge for that weekend instead. We have a great family building here at the lounge. We may not have hundreds of thousands of members at the lounge and that is what sets us apart from the rest. I like to think of the lounge as your friendly neighborhood bar everyone pretty much knows everyone. This makes it a more trustworthy site to try and find some new sites to join. I consider you all family and want to thank you for making the lounge what it is today. I've been hanging out at the lounge lately looking for some new sites to join too so if you got anything new to add get it in there. Well thats about all for today that I have to add Thank you all again for being members and hope to see you out there in the TE world.

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