Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I know its a short title that don't say much but at the same time it says a lot. All I can say is how surprised and overwhelmed I am. I've always known the Lounge has a great bunch of members but I didn't expect such a response so fast. Yesterday I added Traffic Lounge to the downline builder at IT this is not only a downline builder it has a page to vote for your favorite sites that are in the downline builder. So today when I logged in to see how the lounge was doing in the voting you could imagine my surprise to see we are ahead of 4 other exchanges in the downline builder. But the big surprise is one of those sites the lounge has passed is Trafficswarm. I am at a loss for words I'm so happy right now all I can say is WOW and thank you all for being such great members. You are the ones that make the Lounge what it is. If you haven't seen the VS IT yet you can vote at this link.
The voting resets on Friday nights each week. Thanks you all for being such great members and I will be seeing you out there in the traffic world.

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