Monday, February 28, 2011

emails sent out

Hello everyone just to let you all know I"ve sent out the weekly winners email another great week for members thank you all. Next we are approaching 200 members awesome job advertising the traffic lounge guys keep up the great work. I'm also getting ready to send out emails to all inactive members and also everyone who don't have credits assigned to their sites. It's kind of hard to get any results if you don't assign credits to your sites. Another thing starting March 1st I'm lowering the amount of credits new members get when they sign up. We are wasting a lot on members who sign up then never do anything. I figure I give away plenty of free credits every week to the members who are active and them are the ones that deserve the rewards. I'm also thinking of changing the surf ratio a little I will wait another month to see if this need to be done too. I'm just trying to make sure the lounge stays a great place to surf and with more members coming daily I want to make sure we will be around a long time. So you may want to log in and surf your little hearts out this month before any changes happen. Thanks for understanding and making traffic lounge what it is today it would not be possible without you all.

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