Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day sweetheart dance

Hey everyone it's almost time for every woman's favorite holiday and the one the men grimace at thats right Valentines day. When you have to go out and buy her candy, and flowers, and whatever else tells her that you love her lol. I know it's not hubbys favorite holiday he messed up one year and bought chocolates that he liked and I didn't I don't think he will make that mistake again lol. Anyway the lounge is planning a sweethearts dance for Valentines Day. For this I have come up with something a little different instead of a bunch of snaggle tooths and beer bellies to pick from for dance partners I have decided to use you the members instead. It's real simple send me a pic of yourself along with a link to one of your favorite sitesor you can make your own personal splash if you want just make sure it has a Valentine theme to it please. Now I know traffic lounge is one of your favorites but don't use that link lol. Now for this to work I need both men and women to send me their stuff otherwise I will have to invite some snaggle tooths and beer bellies so everyone has a partner lol. Now there are a few rules to this now when you send me your link don't send any rotators, ptp, or non english sites and absolutely no porno links or pics lol. I will make up Valentine splash pages and put your picture and link on them and use my credits to advertise your site for you for one day. This is my Valentine present to all my wonderful members to show how much you all mean to me. Now you can either reply to the email I sent out from the lounge or send your info to Try to get me your info or your own splash page you made yourself to me by friday the dance will be on Monday. That way I have all weekend to get everything together. Then you can all send me candy and roses to thank me lol just kidding. Now hurry and get your stuff sent in and be sure to join us at the sweethearts dance on Monday at the lounge hope to see ya there. If you have any questions don' be afraid to ask. You can always skype me at marlene a moore (bartendermo) or on yahoo messenger molito66 I always have both of those on. just put in message traffic lounge so I know your not one of those spammers trying to get me to chat lol. OK time to get busy see you later everyone and keep up the great work and thank you all.

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