Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Loungers

Hello to all you traffic loungers out there welcome to traffic lounge's new blog. I know it's a little rough right now but I'm working on it. I figured it was time for traffic lounge to have it's own blog. Just a little place to let you know whats going on at the site and the great things to come. I like to try and stay in active contact with my members and listen to your suggestions as well. A lot of changes that come to the lounge are from suggestions or helpful hints from you members. Being new to this business I'm learning as I go I don't have the funds or the staff the bigger guys have it's just me and Louie and a little help from friends occasionally when I'm stuped lol. A lot of you know me from chatting in other exchanges so you know I'm a character. I like to enjoy my work this enables me to continue to want to strive onward. It's always more fun when you like to do it instead of have to do it. Sort of like I don't have to be the biggest and the best but I'd like to be lol. I'm not one to try and sell you a bunch of stuff telling you it will make you rich. I talk about stuff I try online on one of my other blogs. So anyway don't want to bore you with too much stuff so I better go I'm still working on stuff for superbowl sunday. If my Steelers win it will be a 2 day party at the lounge. So I will talk to you later and be sure to log in and surf at the lounge.

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